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Sketching Work Competition Exhibition

Winning entries and Entries A
We were so pleased with the calibre of the competition entries that we decide to host an online exhibition of the sketches.
Thank you again to all the participants for sharing their artwork as well as the story of behind the worker they featured.
Following the first and second prize entries, the sketches will appear in the alphabetical order (based on the artist's surname).

First PRIZE - Deb Mostert (Australia)

Collection Manager from the Queensland Museum
1 Mostert Deb - Queensland museum 2.jpg
1 Mostert Deb  - Queensland museum 1.jpg

SECOND PRIZE - Rita Sabler (USA)

Freight train operator for The Union Pacific Railroad
2 Sabler Rita - The Freight Train Operat

Abeleda, Diana

3 Abeleda Diana - FIFO Girl.jpg


Science Presenter
4 Aska - Science presenter.jpg

Azarenko, Ania

The Author
5 Azarenko Ania - The Author.jpg

Azarenko, Ania

Jewellery Master
6 Azarenko Ania  - Jewellery Master lres
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