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Sketching work Competition Exhibition

Entries P- W

Peanut, Sophie

31 Peanut Sophie - Hairdresser.jpg

Peanut, Sophie

Sam - Car Mechanic
32 Peanut Sophie  - Car Mechanic

peanut, Sophie 

Amy - Waitress/Barista
33 Peanut Sophie - Waitress Barista.jpg

powell, D. kate 

34 Powell D. Kate - Upholsterers

rodriques, Tanya m 

Ophthalmic Technician

starr, sarah 

M.R. Starr Family Butcher
36 Starr Sarah - M.R. Starr Family Butch

Stephens, ottilia

English-Japanese Translator
37Stephens Ottilia  - English-Japanese T

Tan, bee 

Education Officer
38 Tan Bee  - Education Officer.jpg

Tan, bee 

Coordinator of Women's and Early Childhood Programmes
39 Tan Bee  - Co-ordinator of women's an

waechter, monique 

Story of a Writer/Illustrator
40 Waechter Monique - Story of a writer

williams, angela 

The Last Jar - Carlton
41 Williams Angela - The Last Jar lres.j

wilson, peggy 

Box Turtle Tattoo Studio
42 Wilson Peggy  - Box Turtle Tattoo Stu
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