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Sketching work Competition Exhibition

Entries B - E

BAxter, Katie

Amy the Waitress
7 Baxter Katie - Amy the Waitress.jpg

BAxter, Katie

Sam the Mechanic
8 Baxter Katie  - Sam the mechanic.jpg

Bhatia, Anita 

Fresh and Organic
9 Bhatia Anita -Fresh and Organic lres.j

Blomqvist, Sabine 

Watercolor Artist and Instructor - Painting in Tuscany
10 Blomqvist Sabine  - Watercolor Artist

Blomqvist, Sabine 

B&B Ancora del Chianti
13 Chan Rufina T  - My split worlds of o
11Blomqvist Sabine - B&B Ancora del Chia
12Blomqvist Sabine  - Wedding

Blomqvist, Sabine 

Wedding Planner

Chan, Rufina T

My Split Worlds of Optometry

Clapp, Noreen 

Tracy Finds Fulfillment in Caring
14 Clapp Noreen - Tracy finds fulfillmen

Cortez de Matos, Rita 

The Last Bookbinder of Beja
18 Eichi Dominique - We are Dog Walkers
17 Dittbenner Jyl  - Food Pantry Volunte
16 Dittbenner Jyl  - Math and Science Te
15 Cortez de Matos Rita  - The last book

Dittbenner, Jyl 

Math and Science Teacher

Dittbenner, Jyl 

Food Pantry Volunteer and Greenhouse Worker

Eichi, Dominique 

We are Dog Walkers
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